What is Hisa?

Introduction to the Hisa App. The Journey begins.

Hisa is a Swahili word for share/ownership. For every unit of investment you make, you get to own a some Hisa of a company listed on the markets we have access to.

Our story begins as far as in the 13th century when the Cowrie Shell (which is our logo) were first used for trading, giving sense of ownership to investors, as an alternative to barter trade.

The Hisa App is the first crowdsourced investing platform in Africa. With Hisa, an investor from Kenya (which is our first market) will be able to access investment opportunities from local markets (The Nairobi Securities Exchange) and global markets such as the NYSE, NASDAQ,LSE and other top financial markets globally.

Some features that Hisa brings onboard includes:

  1. Market Watch - The market watch on the Hisa platform allows you, as an investor, to follow live market statistics as they trickle. With market watch, you will be able to create alert notifications for stocks, this means that you can be sure to get real time price actions even as you focus on other things.

  2. Trading - Trading on Hisa is definitely going to be fun! First of all, Your account is verified within five minutes of submission of full KYC, this will reduce the usual 48 hours for setting up a CDSC account.

    The notifications feature acts like a stop loss/ entry note, where you can be able to get out of a stock if it goes below a certain price and also buy if it touches a desirable price.

  3. Hisa Wallet - The Hisa wallet is a secure in-app feature which lets you deposit, store and follow on your funds through the ledger transactions as you wait for entry levels price per stock.

  4. Hisa Forums - Remember that question you have about investing? Well, the Hisa forum lets you ask questions and get instant feedback from different investors. The forum remains purely for information purposes and every investor should do in-depth analysis before they make any decision to buy/sell any security.

  5. News & Podcasts - The news and podcast segment on Hisa gives you the latest news across various investment spaces in the business world. Articles on Hisa news is curated from some of the region’s top business media houses. With this news, you get to have more information to help you make informed decisions when investing.

How Safe will my Funds be on Hisa

We know money is a vital concern for everyone, we all want our funds safe. As Hisa, we will not store investor funds in any of our operation accounts. Funds are stored and monitored by our licensed & regulated partners.

This means that your funds are totally safe and under the hawk-eye of the regulator for the markets which you invest in.

Please note that once an investor purchase of security then the performance of the security will influence their returns. The stocks market can exhibit volatility.